"Film substitutes a world that conforms to our desires"                                                                                                - André Bazin

Transatlantic on-set and office experience in film & tv, Sara has worked across board in the production team finding her strengths in AD and Producer roles.  She is currently based in London, UK and works freelance.


She holds an exceptional ability to work in fast paced environments with tight deadlines - outstanding organizational skills, proficient in scheduling and budgeting. As a producer she is often engaged creatively in her projects by maintaining an honest, supportive relationship with directors and partners.


Including a scholarship year abroad at UC Santa Barbara, she graduated with a First Class B.A(Hons) Media Arts degree from the Royal Holloway University of London. Working worldwide including London, Los Angeles, New York, Malaysia and the Middle East, has expanded her innate ability to bridge connections and ease communications through an understanding of diverse cultures.


Software knowledge: PC & Mac systems | Movie Magic (Scheduling & Budgeting) | MS Office | Photoshop | Final Cut Pro | Premiere Pro | Final Draft


Below is information on her personal projects and films while her CV/Resume of production work can be downloaded on the right.




A psychological romance between two inseparable halves.


Estimated Runtime: 15mins

Credited as: Writer, Director, Co-Producer.


Binary is currently in early stages of script development.  Concept art work can be seen on the right.






A poetic crime drama in which a young woman loses all sense of feeling in her materialistic world, and makes a desperate attempt to connect.

Runtime: 6mins 34secs

Credited as: Story by, Co-directed, Produced and Starring

An Intimacy was completed in late April 2013 and will be making private screenings at Cannes Film Festival 2013 before heading on towards festivals. 

Please contact me directly or anintimacy@gmail.com for our EPK.  

Trailer:   vimeo.com/anintimacyfilm/trailer

Facebook:   facebook.com/AnIntimacyFilm


A short docu-drama set around Valentines Day to tell the story of a lost love.

Written & Directed by Sara Jewell


FAR SHORE (2011)

Two lives cross paths as one attempts suicide and the other seeks redemption.

Written & Directed by: Bo Zhang

Produced by: Sara Jewell



A murder mystery based on the myths and legends of this British University.

Written by: Robert Henry Jnr.

Directed & Produced by: Sara Jewell



A surrealist romantic comedy, once upon a time in Isla Vista, California.

Written & Directed by: Hunter M. Daniels

Produced by: Sara Jewell & Tianhai Li